About Night Flyers

Who are Night Flyers?

The 30 or so members of Night Flyers trampoline club meet on Mondays and Fridays at Mellish Sports Centre in Nottingham. The club is run by Toni Jantschenko, with help from anyone she can press-gang into assisting!
Night Flyers is a British Gymnastics ‘GymMark’ approved club, which means you can be confident that we operate to the highest standards with regards to child protection and welfare.

All of our coaches are CRB checked and fully qualified – many also have competition judging qualifications.
We are closely involved with the East Midlands Trampoline Technical Committee and help to organise and run regional competitions.

We aim to develop talented, enthusiastic individuals through to compete in regional competitions. Safety is very important, so members are expected to behave sensibly during sessions. Mainly though, everyone comes along because they really enjoy trampolining in a friendly atmosphere.

How do I join?

Club membership is by invitation – places are limited, so we have to select by ability, potential and enthusiasm. If you’re a beginner, you need to come along to the recreational sessions run earlier on Fridays.
Once you get to a reasonable level (usually around Award 5 or 6, done well!) you’ll get invited to join club as soon as there’s a space.
If you’ve already done a fair bit of trampolining, come along to the rec sessions or see us at one of the club sessions. We’ll see what level you’re at, to decide whether you’re ready for club or if you need a bit more practice in the rec sessions first.

How much does it cost?

Club fees, effective from April 2017 are as follows:

Sessions Attended per week (2 1/2 hours per session) Monthly fee S/O Effective cost per hour*
1 Session £32 £3.20
2 sessions £45 £2.25

* Based on 4 session weeks per month.

We prefer it if people could pay by standing order if at all possible, so that we can concentrate on coaching you rather than collecting fees!
Paying monthly is usually a better option as it makes the budgeting easier by not having one big bill.

We want to ensure that we get the maximum possible time on the trampolines, so we start the Friday club session up to 15 minutes earlier with a general floor warmup and conditioning session while the recreational session is finishing. Please come along early to take advantage of this if you possibly can. If any parents are willing to help setup / take down the equipment, that will also help a lot.

The only reason we can keep the fees as low as they are is because of the tremendous help we get from parents and others who freely give up their time to help run the club during sessions and behind the scenes.
All of the coaches are also volunteers, so 100% of the fees go directly towards running the club.

In addition, every member has to belong to British Gymnastics and the club has to affiliate to BG AND the County, AND Regional gymnastics association.
The extra admin charge also helps to spread the cost of membership for the volunteer coaches and other unpaid officials.
For most members, this costs £17 + £3 = £20.0 per year. Anyone competing at higher grades though needs competitive BG membership, which costs £41 + £4 per year.

Under what rules does the club operate?

Night Flyers has a formal Constitution and Codes of Conduct to which all members are expected to respect.
We have a Grievances and Complaints process in the unusual event of a dispute arising from any aspect of club membership.
Our Child Protection Policy is overseen by the club Welfare Officer.

Club Session times

Mondays 17.30 – 20:00 (On-bed 17.45-19.45)
Fridays 19:30 – 21:45 (On-bed 19.30-21.45)

Recreational Sessions

Recreational sessions are not currently part of the Night Flyers club, but they do use some of the same coaches under Sports Coach UK membership.
(please book your place online!)
Fridays 16:30 – 17:30, 17:30 – 18:30 and 18:30 – 19:30
In addition, there are sessions run by Derbyshire Village Games at Sandiacre Friesland on Saturdays, which you can also reserve online through our site.

Adult Session times

Our recreational sessions cater for all ages from 6 upwards, though adults tend to prefer the later (18.30) session.
No previous experience necessary.