Membership & Sessions

Welcome to the club! This page explains how the club operates and what you can do to get the best out of being a member. Please take time to read this and the rest of the web site and if you have any questions or concerns, please ask your coach.
Night Flyers is a ‘competitive’ club – but that just means that we aim to get you trampolining to a standard where you can enter competitions with other clubs in the region. Within the club we keep it friendly and cooperative, as the main reason for bouncing is because we all enjoy it.
If you have only been to a few recreational sessions before, you may find the coaching a little bit different to what you are used to. If you are to perform some of the more exciting moves safely, it is very important that you get the basic moves right from the start. This may mean that you have to spend a few sessions re-learning things that you thought you knew, but don’t worry – you’ll be moving on quickly once you’ve tidied up the basics.

Training Sessions

Club sessions run on Mondays (17.30-20.00) and Fridays (18.00-20.30) at Mellish sports centre in Bulwell. You’ll normally start with a short warm-up and then take turns on up to 6 trampolines, depending on how many people turn up to a session. When you first start, you’ll learn single moves (tuck, straddle, seat drop etc.) and then put these together into sequences (called ‘routines’). There are different routines you’ll learn for each grade as you improve. At the end of each session, there’s often a chance for some fun stuff, such as trying synchronised bouncing. Please make sure you wear suitable clothing – no loose bits that might catch in the trampoline please!


Trampolining can be dangerous if you don’t follow the rules – please make sure that you read and understand the safety sheet in this pack. Always follow your coach’s instructions!
If you need to leave the side of the trampoline during a session, always get your coach’s permission first – we need to know where you are, and to make sure there are enough spotters at all times.


If you have any concerns your coaches are always here to listen and help where possible. If there are any problems that you do not feel able to discuss with any of us, you may talk to our club welfare officer, Mandy Jackson. All club members should have been given her contact details – she also attends the Monday and Friday sessions regularly.


So that you and your parents / guardians know what’s going on, we keep in touch with you in a number of ways. If you have Internet access, you can get the latest news and other information from our web site If you have email, we will send you the latest news directly – please check it once a week or more! For people without email, we produce a News Letter every 2 months or so, but will also hand out important notices at club sessions. Other information may be mailed to your home.
Most of the day-to-day chat takes place in our private Facebook Group. Contact Clare or Chris for details.
Sometimes, sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled at short notice (not usually our fault!). In these cases, we’ll try to phone you as soon as possible. Please make sure that you fill in an emergency phone number on the registration form.


Competitions are great fun and give you a chance to meet people from other clubs. You’ll see a wide range of skills and if it goes well, you may win a few trophies. Competitions are run under various grading schemes and split into age groups, so you should be competing against people of a similar age and experience. Most members can expect to enter their first competition within a year of joining. There are normally 6 to 8 competitions each year.
A few things to remember:

  • Club leotards should be worn – boys wear shorts or light coloured trousers too
  • White socks or trampoline shoes are required
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • No glitter – especially the boys!
  • Arrive in plenty of time – there’ll be a programme available before the event
  • No flash photography – it is dangerous for the competitors
  • Enjoy yourself!

British Gymnastics Membership

Night Flyers is a British Gymnastics associated club. This means that you have to pay an annual fee (currently £17, or £41 for higher grade competitors), which covers your insurance for club sessions and competitions (Civil Liability and Personal Accident cover), plus £3.00 to cover county/regional affiliation and a bit of admin. You also get:

Cloth Badge and Membership Card
Access to BGTV for live streaming and recordings of events
Savings on admission to LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, Warwick Castle, Madame Tussauds, Alton Towers Resort, SEA LIFE Centres etc.

Parents and Guardians

Don’t think you’re going to get away with it! Parents play a vital part in the running of the club. We are a small club, so everyone needs to get involved to some extent. The most important area where we need help is at competitions. In order to complete, we have to supply a certain number of officials for each event. The task can be recording (writing down scores or entering them into the computer), marshalling (getting the right person on the right trampoline at the right time) or judging (yes, you do get to hold up those little number cards).
Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before – we’ll train you in next to no time! You might even enjoy it.
Please note that if your child is under 8, you will need to supervise him/her at sessions, unless explicitly agreed beforehand – see Toni to arrange this. As a general point though, we do welcome all parents at sessions, as we can always find something useful for you to do.
We do take child protection seriously, so you’ll need to register to take photos or video at competitions for example. We like to put some pictures of the club members onto our website, and occasionally video routines to help with training, but we’ll get your permission first. If you or your child objects to any pictures of them on our website, we’ll remove them immediately. If you do not want any photographs published at all, please make a note of this on the registration form. Some information is in the ‘public domain’ anyway though – competition results are generally available from a number of sources and these include the name, club and age group of all competitors.


The club has an AGM and other meetings, usually after club sessions, throughout the year. These are your chance to make suggestions for how we could improve the club, so please try to come along.

Happy Bouncing!