To avoid accidents, please make sure that you read, understand and follow these safety instructions at all times.
Trampolining is tremendous fun, but it is important for you to remember that is can also be dangerous. The trampolines that we use are all very powerful competition trampolines; these are very different to the trampoline you may have in your garden! ( If you do have a garden trampoline though, please read the Safety Advice from British Gymnastics)

1. The trampoline

Trampolines are heavy (about a quarter of a ton), the springs are very powerful and there are lots of places for you to trap your fingers, so

  • Never attempt to fold or unfold the trampoline on your own or if the coach is not present
  • Trampolines should only be moved by trained staff or under the direct supervision of trained staff
  • Never swing from the trampoline frame or any chains etc. that may be attached

2. Around the trampoline – ‘spotting’

The area around the trampoline can also be dangerous – this is where someone will land if they fall off! If you are in this area, you will be ‘spotting’, which means that if the trampolinist falls towards your side of the bed, you should try to push them back on. The rules are:

  • There should always be floor mats around the trampoline
  • There must be at least one spotter or an absorbent mattress on each side of the bed
  • Always pay full attention to the trampolinist when you are spotting
  • If you are not spotting, stay outside the area of the floor mats
  • If the trampolinist falls towards you, just push them gently back on – do not try to catch them
  • Do not swing or go underneath the trampoline

3. On the trampoline

  • Never use the trampoline unless your coach is present
  • Never bounce without spotters or floor mats
  • Wear suitable sports clothing – avoid buttons and toggles that may catch on the bed
  • Trampoline shoes or socks must be worn (bare toes may go through the holes in the bed)
  • Remove any jewellery, watches, chains, badges, safety pins or any other item that could catch on the bed or injure you or the spotters
  • Long hair should be tied back and nails should be trimmed
  • Empty your pockets!
  • Never attempt difficult skills without the coach’s permission
  • Never eat or drink on the trampoline
  • No double bouncing without your coach’s permission
  • No mucking about!
  • Pay attention to and follow the advice of the coach at all times
  • If in doubt, ask the coach

4. Fitness

You must inform the coach of any medical condition that may affect your fitness to participate.