Some of the Night Flyers coaches also run public recreational trampolining sessions.
These ‘turn up and bounce’ sessions at Mellish are run under the British Gymnastics ‘block registration’ scheme.

We also have an association with sessions run at Friesland, Sandiacre on Saturdays.  These are not part of the British Gymnastics scheme at present, but operate under the coach’s independent 3rd party liability insurance. All of our coaches are BG trained and qualified.

You can make reservations here for the recreational sessions at Mellish (Fridays) or Friesland (Saturdays).
Please read the important information further down this page.

Recreational Sessions

Our recreational sessions are suitable for all abilities – complete beginner to competitive gymnast. Don’t worry if you’ve never trampolined before – we’ll get you started and coach you through a fun, structured programme. If you’re keen and have the ability, we may invite you to join the club for some more intensive training once you’ve reached a ‘good beginner’ standard. We have a mixture of full-size trampolines, including a 4mm bed for high performers.

The minimum age for these sessions is 5 years. You only pay one session at a time, so you have complete flexibility in how many sessions you attend.  Please read the sections below concerning safety and clothing advice, then reserve your place and come along!


Cancellations and Changes

We do occasionally have to cancel sessions. If it’s not on the calendar, then it’s probably cancelled!

Current Cancellations:
As we are attending the Schools National Finals this coming weekend, there are no sessions 23rd/24th March.  Back to normal the following week.

We have now started running a third Saturday session, 1-2pm, at times when demand is high.  We won’t run these over the Easter holidays, but intend resuming them from 14th April.

Reserve your place

Click the day of your choice with available spaces (Green days) and follow the instructions.

Supervision and Safety

It is important that you appreciate that trampolining is regarded as a ‘dangerous sport’ (though there seem to be fewer accidents than in football!) and that if you are concerned about injury as a participant, you might wish to take out personal sports insurance.

Children under 8 years old MUST have an adult looking after them during the sessions. Participants must behave responsibly during the sessions and obey the instructions of the coach. Children who are not taking part are not allowed within the matted area for safety reasons. Anyone misbehaving will be asked to leave. (and the coach’s word is final!)
We do ask that you book the sessions before turning up please, so we can be sure that we don’t have to turn people away on the night.
Sessions last an hour each and run at 16.30, 17.30 and 18.30 on Friday evenings (Mellish Bullwell), and 11.00 and 12.00 on Saturday mornings (Friesland Sandiacre).

The weekend sessions at Sandiacre Friesland, are aimed especially at teenagers wanting to take up trampolining for fun, exercise, GCSE work etc. Younger participants are also welcome.
To book your place, please use the reservations calendar above.
We will need a phone number and an email address so we can contact you / your parents.
The online booking system is currently just for reservations – payment is on the day.
The fees are £5.00 for adults, £4.00 for children.

What should I wear?

It is important to avoid anything that could get caught in the trampoline springs, or injure yourself or a coach while bouncing.
Wear either loose, comfortable sports clothing (T-Shirt & jogging bottoms or shorts) or a leotard if you prefer.  No jeans, zips, belts or toggles please!
Socks or specific trampoline shoes must be worn. Remove any jewellery or piercings. Long hair must be tied back.


Important Notes

  • Please do not book more than 3 sessions ahead
  • If you cannot attend a booked session, please cancel as soon as possible so others may have your place
  • You must provide an email address when reserving a place
  • You must click on a link in the email we send to confirm or cancel your reservation
  • We reserve the right to refuse future bookings from anyone who fails to attend or pay for a booked session without telling us
  • If a session is fully booked, there may be one or two places on the night if someone else does not attend
  • If you arrive without a reservation we may not be able to fit you in, as we have strict limits on numbers
  • Please book BEFORE 2pm on Friday as that’s when we print off the list! If you book later, we cannot guarantee the place

If you have any questions or problems relating to the recreational sessions,
please email or leave a message on 07968 937176