Our Coaches

Head Coach

Toni Jantschenko is a level 4 coach with 20 years of experience. She founded the club and is the driving force behind everything that goes on at Night Flyers!
You can often hear her quiet words of encouragement and gentle tinkling laughter on a Friday night…

Level 3 Coaches

Chris Edwards got roped into coaching when his son & daughter joined the club in 2003. They moved on a few years ago, but Chris is still with us, coaching on Fridays and running the Saturday ‘Village Games’ sessions at Friesland. He is also a county judge and is currently secretary of the East Midlands Trampoline Technical Committee, where he looks after the IT and scoring systems.
Helen Smithurst has many years of trampolining experience, both as a Grade 2 competitor and as a coach and county judge. She joined us in 2005 and has been a tremendous asset to the club ever since. She has recently taken a new job at Chesterfield, running their trampoline and gymnastics programme, but still pops in occasionally to help out.

Level 2 coaches

Becky Jantschenko has returned from her globetrotting adventures (teaching Australians to bounce on their heads) and helps with coaching at club and rec sessions when work permits. She is also a club judge.
Charlotte Jantschenko also helps with the sessions when her university studies allow!
Keith Dickinson provides lots of help at club and the occasional rec session, as well as being one of our main judges at regional competitions.

Level 1 coaches

Craig Toft is qualified at level 1 and Jo Bird is currently taking her level 1 coaching course to assist, particularly on recreational sessions.

Assistant coaches

Amy Toft, Amber Jackson and Matt Dickinson all provide loads of help with coaching – especially the recreational sessions.